acuity scheduling appointments

I work primarily as a writer. Otherwise most of my time is spent with the animals, in meditation or art-making. Rarely do I offer one-on-one sessions. However, I do make myself available to those who absolutely can’t find anyone like me to work with. Generally, that means people who’ve read the book and need to talk about how to implement the concepts into their life practice. Or people who’ve signed up as members of the Larger Project and want a little ‘support’ (also known as called the echo chamber).

There are three levels of support available. The first two I mentioned above – How To Be Medicine or the Larger Project. The third is a one-on-one I offer to people I’ve never worked with and have no working knowledge of my ideas. It is the most expensive. It’s designed that way. The prices are meant to be a deterrent. My interests lie elsewhere: not in playing the role of therapist or guide, and I do not encouraging anyone to seek me out for private sessions. The best mode of contact with me is through my projects – books, online experiences, and so on. That’s where I am most effective. That is where I am led. Everyday. That is where I am fulfilled. That is my purpose in action!

Emma Hawkins: Head, Heart & Hand Holidays

“I went to Melanie thinking I needed some direction with a couple of books I’d like published. We sat on the floor like kids working on a school project. In a crazy whirlwind of words, colors and random conversation Melanie guided me to intuitively express my deepest desires for my books, my business and in effect my life! By connecting with Melanie I was able to re-connect with myself and my higher life purpose…

I highly recommend having some creative play time with Melanie.”


Louise Jayne Moriarty: Wonderfilled World

“I am a very creative and intuitive person, who likes to think of myself as energetic and capable. The more I achieve and challenge myself the bigger and more sneeky the blocks seem to be. I have been working with Mel for over a year at different times in relation to different projects and she is someone who always exceeds expectations.

If I am blocked on a project and I need creative catharsis I turn straight to her because I know she will allow me space to explore and discover the answers to my own challenges. Her guidance is insightful and the tools she shares move me along a pathway to purpose filled freedom.”


Naomi & Ellie: Australian Centre for Natural medicine

“Melanie stayed for a whole weekend (in our house, on our schedule) to help us create the perfect structure for our new online project. Having someone willing to adapt to our needs was the most valuable part of this endeavour. I must admit that tech is not my friend but when I look at what we accomplished, I remember the pizza, the wine and cigarette breaks in the afternoon sun. You just can’t put a price on that.”