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Essential Wellness Workshops

You know all medicine and healing is placebo. You also know the nature of vibration is beyond manipulation and manifestation. Using essential oils, nutrients, or so-called medications are all experiences of allowing. As an observer surrendering to the sensations of this moment, you know that love is at the root of all things.

As a spiritual being having a human experience you are focused on each moment as a conversation with the cosmos. Essential oils are one way to play with experience that is free will as a pathfinder of Oneness. There are many ways to phrase this conversation.

Essential oils are powerful reminders of life as energy connected to All That Is in a fluid and dynamic sensitivity to infinite possibility.

Each workshop theme brings you back to the language of energy through a discussion of how to feel loved. Whether it’s health, love, learning, or heart-based aspects of experience, these gatherings are a means to drop into an expression of myself as powerful, perfect, whole, and completely surrendered to all that is.

Depression and Divine Guidance

Essential Wellness Workshop

$200 November 30, 2015

Come and play for an afternoon of essential oils and intuitive guidance. A small circle of people living in the real world wanting to know there is a way to connect the dots without trying to fit the label of ‘spiritual’ or ‘alternative’.

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Order Your Own Essential Oils

Feel free to use the link below to make your own orders. I am yet to set up a direct link for Young Living and SEOC, please be patient with me. I am endeavouring to make this as simple as possible for you to navigate so that you can make decisions about your own essential wellness.

There are so many people selling brands of essential oils that I wanted to be outside the competition model tuned instead to what you need. That’s why I give you access to three vendors of therapeutic grade essential oils. I am not interested in convincing you of what to use or how to change your life. I am only interested in acknowledging that you are a gift, that you have the answers, and that life is happening for you.

Love & Mung Beans people 🙂

Essential Oils

You can order your own oils without having to make an appointment with me if you wish to bypass the wellness consult. I am happy for you to order from doTERRA, Young Living or the Sydney Essential Oil Company (which sells organic essential oils). The button below takes you directly to doTERRA. For a Young Living or SEOC order simply email me directly.