It’s meant to be a joke. Caution is not the first port of call for the courageous. And yet this sarcasm has become a structural support for those seeking to extol the charity and practical wisdom of letting cooler heads prevail.

But who cares, right? Who really cares if some dead playwrights’ meaning has been contorted out of its original context? Honestly? Apart from a few Shakespearean scholars, probably no-one.

For the average Joe, it raises no hackles and digs in no heels to learn that “discretion is the better part of valour” has been misrepresented. → So what does?

What does get your goat, raise your blood pressure or pique your self-interest? Can you watch the news without yelling at the T.V. screen? Do you bluster at the incompetence of politicians or rail against the injustices of law enforcement?


Whatever it is that transforms you
from mild-mannered individual into soapbox pundit
~ this is your intuition speaking.


© Kts | - Thinking Machine PhotoIn the land of duality and separation, your intuition is a ‘special gift’, a means to know which ‘path’ to take and trusting its guidance is all about the rewards only an ‘aligned’ intuitive can ‘manifest’.

If you live in the land of duality then getting fired up is called a ‘reaction’ and it’s ’caused’ by a ‘trigger’ which is generally ‘internal’ or ‘external’ and related to something you need to ‘fix’, ‘change’, ‘heal’, ‘overcome’, ‘restore’, ‘remove’ or ‘integrate’.

But we don’t all live in the land of duality and separation…

In the land of Oneness and interconnection, your intuition is everything you experience. It’s all the feelings, thoughts, inclinations, people, physical sensations and so on that make up your now.

If you live in the land of Oneness then getting fired up is your intuitive-logic inviting you to be present to what is for its own sake (just like every other experience). There’s no recommended method since your now is a unique alchemy of All That Is, so the significance is the now experience rather than any ‘insightful conclusion’ or ultimate ‘outcome’.


Do you know how to be present to your ‘feeling misconstrued’ as sacred?
Do you want to be able to feel any feeling and know-trust-experience its intuitive-logic?
Are you curious about particular feelings or situations that make no sense in your current paradigm?

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