john_keats John Keats died at age 25 believing he was a failure. What did Keats seek in himself that felt lacking?


Life is fickle. One window seems clear. Revealing bright, unclouded, direct experience. Another hazy. As if obscured by a screen filtering and distancing our touch. And all the while, cracks under the door – walls sheltering our fragility, our fear of nudity – all tell a story about how we feel loved. Showing us everything is on purpose. We simply don’t hear-see-feel this version of the story…yet.

At the moment we’re focused on what’s not there, on what’s not happening. We’ve tuned into the version of the story that makes the world right, wrong or incomplete. The version of the story which makes sense to us – living in separation (the only story available so far).

It’s logical. Because we are familiar with this story, in this language (and we prefer things that make sense), when we hear a different version in a new language, we try to lay the two stories side-by-side to make a comparison. But how do we compare two versions of reality? The short answer is, we can’t.

It’s not that there are two universes sitting side-by-side. We’re talking about re-writing the laws of nature according to a new physics, new channels, and a new language. This new story is Oneness, and it does not require us to change anybody else’s version of what’s going on in order to be on purpose.

DrawingHandsThis may not make sense yet.
In fact it might even sound like more of the same spiritual hope-wait-pray-and-keep-trying-because-if-it’s-not-working-you’re-doing-it-wrong mumbo jumbo, but I am not interested in converting you. And I’m not interested in giving you yet another ‘potential self’ to work towards. Even when I say, “we simply don’t hear-see-feel this version of the story…yet” I am not talking about this new story as a goal to be achieve. I’m talking about the fact that a new experience can only be an option once we know it’s available.

Whether we choose to explore our options or not is irrelevant. In other words, this is not about upgrading the universe to a higher vibration. That only works in separation. This is more like a cultural exchange program where you get to live the life of Oneness, from where you are now, and decide what that means for yourself.

No-one is going to tell you why it’s a “good” idea, or how it will “improve” your world. This has to be your intuitive decision with your own sentimental motivations on your terms. Otherwise it’s someone selling you their experience instead of you taking responsibility for your own divinity.

Photo on 10-11-2014 at 5.17 pm #2Heart Alchemy is about you knowing your whole self, then deciding if you want to know how to love your whole self, then figuring out what you’re really doing when you’ve stopped trying to become something else. I’m simply offering a way to see your true reflection, and not make anything right, wrong or incomplete, not because I think it will change the world but because this is what I am guided to do. And that’s reason enough for me!

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