Life Is Not A Diorama

by | Artinzene

If all my days were of my own making, I would do crosswords naked in bed, read sci-fi on the balcony, and cook fancy meals.

And If I hand-picked all my friends, they would be clever, kind and psychic. They would know when to leave me be to get my work done, and when to rush in for a feast of sultry music, food without cutlery, barefoot dancing, raucous laughter and fabulous conversation.

But if I was simply a matter of lifestyle choices, then I might not know what I know, or be part of anything beyond the scope of my design, and that my friends would be pointless.

Life is not a wish list that we accomplish by being “good” or single minded.

So often we treat life like a build with foundations to define us and walls to keep us safe from anything unexpected. We make a decision that if it doesn’t turn out as we affirmed, then we have failed. In other words, we assume desire is a linear process – I want, therefore if I’m good, I’ll receive – when in reality, desire is a conversation.

In oneness, the energy of what we desire is a way to know ourselves, a way to navigate the language of Spirit, not a way to test if we’re on track.

Think of it this way. When we want for something, we are paying attention. If we believe desire is linear, then we play the ‘good-get/bad-suffer’ game. But when we know desire is a conversation, we pay attention in a new way.

No longer is our tiredness unwanted, our rage a burden, or our goals non-negotiable. When we understand ourselves in conversation with the cosmos, we take anger as a cue to go outside and be loud. To fill ourselves with the roar of the wild. A magical, empowering thing, not a negative vibe to be cleansed from our energy field.

When we understand ourselves in conversation with the cosmos, we hear our tiredness as an invitation to be still. To be where silence meets with living wisdom. An awareness of being simultaneously the I and the I Am. A perfectly, indescribably, life-affirming thing, not a lethargy that must be addressed as part of our work-life imbalance.

And when we understand ourselves in conversation with the cosmos, we welcome our unmet desires as sacred whispers. Divine poetry making our lives meaningful in ways too interwoven with All That Is for us to fathom. A most delicious unexpected thing, not a sign that we are out of alignment with our highest good.

Thus is the way of oneness, of being present to what is…