Poverty is not the opposite of riches

by | Sibella

My husband and I have been together fifteen years, and every Christmas we end up broke. It’s this crazy thing we joke about that happens no matter how well we plan our finances, and it’s not because we’re reckless or because we can’t add. The truth is, there’s only so much you can do with what you have, so you have to make choices.

You either honour your health, or you work yourself into a hospital bed. You either pay extra for products that consider the whole planet, or you live on the cheap at the expense of an exploited workforce, factory farmed animals, and an unchecked abuse of resources. Which is fine. There’s no higher ground when it comes to the choices you make. From a oneness account, either way you end up exactly where you need to be.

So I’m not saying my choice to be a conscious consumer or adherence to a purely intuitive way of life, are responsible for being broke at Christmas. I’m saying that I make choices with the foreseeable and trust the unforeseeable. Which is about trusting when you do and don’t make ends meet.

Once I got an $800 cheque from the tax department for $800 due to an underpayment over ten years beforehand. Another time a client booked not one but two $550 sessions, and then there was the day I found $20 on the way home from the library. All miracles that saved us from not being able to buy food or pay a bill. And I’m grateful for those miracles but I’m also grateful for all the times we didn’t find a way.

Before I say more, it’s probably fair to confess that I don’t mind living hand-to-mouth. I’ve had the most exciting and extraordinary life and none of it has had anything to do with how much money I had in my pocket. In fact, of all the people I know both personally and professionally, I’m told I am the happiest, most satisfied, trusting human being there is. Not because things magically work out at the last minute (often the best adventure is when you can’t pay that bill or miss the last train), but because no matter what, I trust whatever’s going on is on purpose.

I trust we are in the place, persona, psychology, and time we’re in, with the reasons that make sense to us, because it’s perfect for our purpose. Which is why I don’t think about being broke at Christmas as a problem I need to fix. It’s a blessing as sacred as all the other experiences I have in this life, and I’m grateful. Merry Mithras everyone! May you have no more wishes, for all you hoped for has already come true.

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Poverty is not the Opposite of Riches

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