Your Oracle

You are Already Awake! 
There is a way of understanding your now as already awake, interconnected and on purpose. All you have to do is remember that you are an equal and essential expression of All That Is; that your one obligation is to be uniquely you; and that all the “lessons” and “fails” we believe make us wiser, are really just the now experience of our divinity!

Think about it. If we were meant to know more, then we would. But at this moment, we have all the knowledge we need to be who we are. And then in this moment that knowledge has changed. Not evolved or increased, but rather changed shape – as if the divine oneness was an ocean and your wholeness is a whirlpool of “self” shaped of that ocean. At no point are you more or less divine. At no point are you more or less authentically you.

At all times, as a whirlpool of divinity you are exactly what you need to be; having the experiences of divine awareness (even when we label it something else – struggle, evolutionary consciousness of enlightenment, and so on).

Your Exploration

Allow the truth to reveal itself.
Feel your response to “I am already awake!”
Whatever objections you have, let them float about like dust particles in the morning sun. Whatever replies answer back, listen to them like you would excited five year olds in a classroom all clamouring for your attention at once. All wanting to be the one you pay closer attention to. All asking you for forgiveness for not being good enough… yet.

Now embrace this now moment with a breath.
Pause in a cool, calm lagoon before letting down the barrier between here and all that is. Allow your guides and angels to walk with you through the meadows and hallways of all you have been, will become and presently contain. Let yourself feel the wholeness of one.

This is the truth of who you are.
Nothing to fix, change or heal. Nothing to carve out or complete.

Remember, we are all living masters: already awake, interconnected and on purpose!