Your Oracle

It’s okay to feel… whatever you feel.
We don’t always have to be “happy” in order to Be Happy.

There are many reasons we experience the spectrum of life’s adventure. If you’re panicked about¬†feeling something other than calm inner peace, then it’s the panic this oracle can help with.

Accepting this moment is not about resigning yourself to misery, poverty and abuse. Acknowledging your feelings as sacred is about surrender. Surrender to your divinity. Surrender to trusting you are who you are for a reason. Surrender to not knowing in order to reveal whatever this moment (this feeling-experience) is allowing the I Am to reveal.

We are not defined by our feelings, and nor is this moment defined by the stories we tell about why we’re feeling this way. Every moment is a divine experience. Every feeling is part of a divine spectrum. It’s tempting to try and “overcome” some sensations, or to “breakthrough” to “better” experiences… but it’s all sacred.

Being able to see the wholeness of this moment is not a means to an end. We do not arrive at a divine perspective by overcoming negative emotions and damaging patterns. Our divinity is already here, in this moment where we’re feeling crappy, or tired or sick of feeling sick.

Our surrender is not to make our feelings more concrete but instead to allow our feelings to be for their own sake – like an oak tree is full of oak tree-ness, you are made whole by your wholeness (including all of your feelings). Can you see your wholeness as sacred?

Your Oracle

Trust yourself! 
This is the magic of wholeness. It comes to you when you are almost asleep and asks you to pay attention. Nestle now into that relaxed pre-slumber and allow the world to reveal itself. In that state of drowsy mysticism, what does the world reveal to you about tears?

Have you ever had a dream and woken up crying? The tears and feeling in your chest, cheeks and throat are present without any story. Even if you remember the dream, the facts don’t quite translate to waking language, to waking sense-making. Imagine now that you are allowed to feel whatever comes up and it need not be attached to any reason.

What happens for you?
Where do you go when it’s safe to choke up and splutter?
How far does your feeling take you once it’s untethered from here-and-now explanations of how terrible life is?

Play in this possibility.
Imagine you are at an age before language. Imagine you have no other means of communication except moving and sound. Express your now-feeling in this state. Become aware of the permission it gives you to simply feel – without justification or explanation. Play in this possibility for as long as you need to, perhaps until it rocks you to sleep. And come back to it whenever you feel to.

Remember, we are all living masters; already awake, interconnected and on purpose!