Your Oracle

Every week I write for this series. It’s now of many projects I contribute to as part of my being a Spirit scribe.

When I wake up in the morning, words come to me in waterfalls of wisdom and it’s all I can do to get to paper fast enough to be the vessel of all that information. But sometimes it’s a different process. Sometimes I am instructed to sit at the keyboard and, well, sit.

I know it looks like I’m supposed to be coming up with some great pithy spiritual wisdom, but in fact i’m simply sitting. Being present. Allowing. Trusting. Surrendering to this moment.

In order to experience the surrender of this moment, I also allow the “shoulds” and deadlines to be part of my flow. If I feel pressure, this is instinct, this is an invitation to allow. Not a signal to release, but instead an opportunity to know the spectrum of Divine experience however it shows up – without labelling it, without making it good luck or bad luck, without categorising it as insight or life lesson or catharsis or healing crisis or any other name weight use to try and pinpoint exactly what’s going on in the game of high stakes.

In surrender, I don’t need to perform my duties and make it look the way it makes sense to other people. If I am asked to claim being a Deva Avatar (a human angel) then this is what I am asked to do. I can choose not to. I can choose to keep silent and say nothing. This too is on purpose. Wherever I go, whatever I do or do not do is divine. There is no way to escape or diminish this fact. There is only the story I tell about what’s really going on.

Only you know. The Divine experience we label “self” is yours to explain, yours to maintain, yours to make sense of and celebrate (or curse). What will you do with your divine experience today?

Your Exploration

What do I know?
If I argue, am I truly to convinced?
or am I feeling threatened? By what? By your truth?
If I really believed in what I know, if I believed I could trust my experience,
would I need to defend myself? Would I feel to try and convince you at all?

And if the answer is “yes”, then how can I trust this answer is just as Divine as any other?
When I truly encounter my divine identity, as an equal and essential expression of All That Is,
and I discover that my part of the spectrum has dichotomy and battle and better outcomes than this Divine now,
what do I need to experience truly trust in how I show up? To trust that my uniqueness is Divine experience.

When only I know, and no-one else is responsible for the way I create opposition and fear and desire for something else… am I okay with that? Can I see the Divine in that version of reality? Do I recognise this point of view as part of the Divine spectrum of experience? And if I don’t, how is this sacred? How is not recognising myself as Divine a sacred act, a Divine experience, a matter of perfection tied to my purpose?

Remember, we are all living masters; already awake, interconnected and on purpose!

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It's easy to separate out our way of being on the planet. Sometimes we're open and loving. Other times we're out for blood! But what if we could understand this apparent dichotomy in one long sentence about who we are?

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