Your Oracle

At the heart of every moment, a universal balance ensures all choices, actions and desires are in harmony with one another. As hard as it can be to see in our daily life, wherever we find ourselves is no accident.

The trick is to remember that everything is in a constant state of change. Even if it feels like we’re:
> in an unfulfilling relationship,
> in an unrewarding job, or even
> in a crisis…

…being able to to allow change (without diminishing the importance of our present experience), means we truly appreciate the innate order of universal Love and Light.

This does not require us to feel “good” about what’s happening. Nor does it mean we need to “give up” exploring new ways to experience our wholeness. It simply means the way it looks-feels is only revealing part of the picture.

Your Exploration

Take a moment now to consider what There Are No Accidents means in your present situation. Allow the Love and Light of All That Is to reveal itself to you in the form it needs to take.

Without trying to force your vision into view,
be present to the wonder of what is.

Come to the edge of knowing,
stand in the place where the shape and form of things are yet to manifest.

Now take a breath,
exhale into the matrix,
and listen-feel for insight…

Remember, we are all living masters; already awake, interconnected and on purpose!