Your Oracle

We are always where we need to be.
Standing in line is only waiting if we believe this moment is a waste of time. Once we explore the now as sacred (no matter where we are) as a fascination with what is, all of the places we once felt annoyed or obstructed become something all the more incredible!

Although we are more familiar with the language of “are we there yet?” this familiarity does not equal the reality of our experience.

We can find ourselves in traffic, and ask what else Spirit wants for us here. We can’t get past that shuffling person on the sidewalk, and open up to magic of being slower, of being with this person, this place, this sacred now. Even when it’s cold or raining and our sensibilities tell us that we are waiting to get dry and warm inside the comfort of our lives, there is room for us to experience oneness and celebrate wherever we find ourselves as a place that is yet to take form –  a place where we meet the Divine order of things and allow that it is yet to reveal to us what’s really going on.

Your Exploration

Take your “self” into the now.
Wherever you are most likely to see waiting, obstacles, or an upset schedule, and in those place
take out a ribbon (imaginary or evident)
and wrap it around your tongue.

Now tell me what “should” be happening in this situation.
Tell me where you would be if the Divine had been on time.
Tell me what now would look like if Spirit had paid attention to your schedule and remembered to put you where you were meant to be.

What happens for you then?

Remember, we are all living masters: already awake, interconnected and on purpose!