In order to be whole, connected and flowing we need to be tuned to the symphony of life. Quantum field theories tell us that all particles are simply vibrations in a field*. That all fields are everywhere all the time.

Imagine the universe was a piece of sheet music, where each note is a point on the staff either between or on the line, think of each possible position on the staff as a field and each note as a particle (a localised vibration in the field).

Just as all frequencies only appear to be separate on a hierarchy of low to high until one looks from above and sees the spectrum as one thread inseparable and incapable of division into good-bad, right-wrong, high-low, reality is not available to us until we tune to the language of wholeness. The language of wholeness in inclusive and seeks to understand rather than judge or separate into categories. What is it that binds us, that makes us complete and worthwhile in this moment?

In this way, so-called material reality is not a collection of solid dots or fixed points that bounce off one another, but rather vibration itself. This means we are not separate from or subject to our ‘environment’ since all things are simply excitations of a field. Vibration does not go out from a solid point and ‘effect’ other points. Vibration is the nature of physical manifestation (including thought, feeling and space).

If there is no inside-outside, and we are not separate from or subject to, then we cannot be evolving in the sense of moving from simpler to more complex because this form of evolution is based in a picture of the universe as a Newtonian, mechanistic, Cartesian dualism incommensurable with vibrational reality. We are not solid things animated by separate mindful substances changing into better things with more advanced or collective mindful aspects. We are excitations of a field in a constant state of change always whole, always perfectly designed for our experience. Only our consciousness changes – that is, only the story about what’s really going on is changing.

Our visions for a united consciousness on the planet are going to happen if we can learn a new language. The old language was exchange. It was about ping-pong or pin-ball consciousness. The new language is energy (I call it Heart Alchemy). It is about neutral consciousness. In order to support this shift on the planet, our global family needs a new mythology – one based on inclusion and wholeness rather than pathology and opposition.

Our new mythology is a dynamic, quantum, spectrum-based ideology that surrenders mystery and experience as benevolent. Our old mythology was a cause-and-effect, Newtonian, mechanistic, Cartesian dualism based ideology that fought to change and manifest and judge experience as spiritual herding. It might take some getting used to. That’s okay. We’re in this together and we’re all doing the best we can with what we have. The point is not to work hard for an outcome, that’s the old consciousness. The point is to tune into neutral consciousness whenever you can and feel the inter-connected experience of reality.

There are some ideas we will need to refashion so that the new mythology becomes a cosmology. That is, we need a new language to experience life in this new way. It is one thing to read about or think about but to experience is unique. When we use this new language there is a rewiring not just of the brain but in the way we experience our soul, our purpose, each other, the planet, and the story we tell about the past.

With this new language our meanings are transformed. There cannot be ’cause’ and ‘effect’ since these too rely on duality; and we reframe our language around ‘improvement’ and ‘outcome’ because all of these concepts are impossible once we live in a vibrational universe where reality is neutral.

It’s like suddenly discovering that your father isn’t biologically responsible for bringing you into the world. The love is still present but you long to know how you came to be who you are, to meet a genetic mirror who might explain more about what you inherited.

This new information opens you up to learn more about what’s really making you show up in this unique way. You open up to the possibility that your idiosyncrasies are part of something significant – a whole lineage of connection yet to be explored.

This new identity is natural and full of possibility. You feel new, like you can re-tell the past from a different perspective. Now that you know there is more going on than previously understood, you are open and flexible to new explanations for why you had this or that experience. Your life is recounted and made meaningful in an empowering reshaping process (although nothing has changed).

This fresh perspective is only empowering if you allow it to reposition your “why?” It is the why that informs our mythology which in turn directs our focus and either taps us into or keeps us out of neutral consciousness. Neutral consciousness is always there, the fact of your lineage is always there, only your awareness changes. Only the story and “why?” changes. Only your language is effected and this is where your experience lives.

Now, this might not make sense when you consider experience as a vehicle for variation, but experience is also neutral until we excite the field of judgement. In non-judgement we are capable of knowing reality in its neutral state. This is not to say that you become a robot. Your experience of life is beauty and wonder in neutral consciousness, it is simply the notion of cause-and-effect, higher-lower, right-wrong, good-bad, and other polarities that begin to crumble as we tap into the language, mythology and consciousness of life according to the Quantum Map.

Once we learn to speak energy and see the world through neutral consciousness, life becomes effortless. Our own happiness and our story about the world is inseparable. As visionaries and activists and parents and teachers and participants on this global scale we are supported by a mythology that keeps us inter-connected. We are capable of sustained happiness and drive, no matter what when our mythology allows us to live in peace as the world meets or fails our expectations.

How can you see what is when your mind will only let you see what your biases – perceptual and cognitive – allow?

Yes the filters appear to distort and focus the mind in particular ways but you also have access to truth beyond perception. When your soul speaks it is clear that you are more than cognition. Even if it appears to break all the rules or frightens your sensibilities, there are things that you come across which feel bright and hopeful like doorways into magical playgrounds where all our burdens have been lifted.

Once you begin to say “yes” to this new way of being on the planet, this neutral consciousness, you will understand even the mind’s filters in a non-judgemental way. You will see all things as serving you no matter how crazy or illogical they seem. You will see the order in chaos and more than this, you will feel love playing it’s symphony in all things.

No more duality, no more polarities, no more judgement, no more control, no more categories or separation, no more pathology, no more outcomes or intentions, no more becoming or evolving, no more enemies and allies, no more layers or levels or lines between anything or anyone. We are capable of something truly whole, compassionate and complete in this moment as an aspect of the Divine…

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*Lincoln, D (2013) The Good Vibrations of Quantum Field Theories