The Short Version

I’m writing a series of books, which form the basis of my (upcoming) PhD, on the cosmology of Oneness. The first book is called ‘How To Be Medicine: A Guide for Living Masters’, and it’s my reply to the question: 

Q. How do we live together and honour our uniqueness while simultaneously ensuring what we each value is of equal worth?

The Whole Story

As I am writing this, there are 52 days until my birthday on 12 December 2016. I’ll be 40-something. Forty-one, maybe? Sorry. I’m not great at remembering those details. They seem to slip from significance like so much belly fluff. What I am great at, however, is recognising the Oneness of things. Seeing the connections that already exist, that aren’t really connections at all since it’s all one. Not in that idealistic, ‘this-will-change-the-world-and-make-it-a-better-place-for-me-to-grow-chamomile’ kind of way (although I must confess, I do currently have chamomile in my garden). But instead, in a physics-is-already-telling-us-it’s-true kind of way.

It's not that woo-woo kind of physics

This Is Not That Kind Of Physics

I realise you’re used to the physics of oneness being presented as ‘entanglement’ and other metaphysical complications for a science versus magic picture of the universe… But this is different! If you’ve ever done magic or seen auras or channelled wisdom, you know it’s not like it is in the movies. It’s real. It’s normal and nothing extraordinary. In fact, it’s quite within the realm of physics to explain all of the stuff we do and see everyday. All the miracle healings and twin connections and telekinetic activities, are but phrases in the physics of oneness. No different to why the wind blows or how a child raised in captivity can grow up to be a responsible citizen while a spoilt brat becomes a criminal. And it’s time we were told the story as one version of events.

All books are different perspective of the one story

It’s All One Story

Rather than thinking about the world as scientific and non-scientific, or social and personal, there is a story that brings all of that together into a single spectrum of significance. I call it oneness, but feel free to call it whatever you wish.  This oneness story is the version of reality that does not need to separate physics from metaphysics in order to explain what’s going on. It does not need to divide life into segments with boundaries and borders, or to shield one aspect from another. The oneness story sees All That Is in everyone and everything, and allows us to simply be. But the reality of being where we (think) we are now, to having an everyday experience of simply being, seems quite a big leap. So I’m working on a book to talk about all the FAQs of how it’s already true.

Unconventional readings of well-known stories

An Alternative To The Hero’s Journey

Even though it feels like a journey needs to be undertaken in order to get to oneness (where we can simply be), there’s a way of experiencing what’s going on now as already one. A way of recognising everyone and everything from arguments and frustrations to murder and mayhem as wholeness, and then divining for yourself what that means (rather than adopting a set of principles that promise to make all your dreams come true if you do it right).

Golden ratio and the book of oneness

The Book Of Oneness

As you might have guessed, I’m writing a book! It’s called ‘How To Be Medicine: A Guide for Modern Day Living Masters’. How To Be Medicine is my baby, born of the cosmology that comes from me being me. I’m not sure what to make of it all to tell you the truth, except that there seems no denying my fate. And if you’ve ever felt that no matter how hard you try the world has plans, then you know this is not a contrived attempt to sell my soul (or to buy your loyal approval). So what is it then?

How To Be Medicine (or H2BM for short) is a book, a compendium, and a PhD dedicated to all Humans everywhere. It’s the answer to the question, how do we live together on this planet and respect our uniqueness without compromising the safety and joy of anyone or anything?

Wow! You made it through my long-winded explanation. Congratulations, you deserve a prize : )

H2BM for Modern Day Living Masters

Aloha + Welcome to H2BM [for short].

H2BM is not a self-help book or a new social theory or even an alternative to whatever you believe or practice right now. In fact, it’s not like anything you’ve encountered before.

The book offers an explanation for the way the world is by asking you to recognise what is true for you. Which means, rather than trying to teach you how to be happy, rich or thin, H2BM accepts that only you know.

Only You Know What Is True For You

Only you know what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. Only you know if there are multiple layers of being or if there is oneness; if you are perfect for your purpose or if you are a work in progress.

By offering this examination of what is true for you, H2BM recognises the sovereignty of each and every truth on the planet. But it can only do this because it positions itself from a particular perspective – oneness.

The Oneness Perspective

According to oneness, the world is a dynamic divine expression where all experiences are one. Unlike many other explanations of oneness, H2BM does not interpret life as an illusion of separation, nor does it explain what’s going on as an evolutionary consciousness moving toward a more enlightened reality. Oneness simply is.

Although H2BM is based on the oneness perspective, it is not teaching or recommending the oneness perspective. It is an exploration of your truth, your rules, and your cosmology that asks you where you would like to take it. The focus is on your answers to open questions with examples, experiments, and propositions to consider along the way.

H2BM Is Different For Everyone

For those curious about how to see the world from this perspective, H2BM is an expose of the oneness experience. For those seeking peace, H2BM is a peek into the everydayness of someone who naturally accepts that this moment is All That Is. For those working toward a better world, H2BM is a unique perspective on what it would take to satisfy all our needs including trees, mountains, stars, and all people everywhere.

As you can see, H2BM is as many different things as there are people to read it.

  • It’s a dissertation on how to love everyone and everything as divine including the self, no matter what;
  • It’s a oneness reply to the paradox of separation for those looking for an intuitive way to “change” the world;
  • It’s a no-pathology perspective for therapists and social engineers working with fluid and dynamic models of life;
  • It’s about how we love and are loved by our universal family, including a conversation on how conventional evidence points to the contrary for a reason;
  • It’s an unconventional exploration of how we are all motivated by the desire to feel loved;
  • It’s a meditation on the unique ways we are all doing what we can with what we have;
  • It’s a self-reflection on truth as a self-fulfilling prophecy;
  • It’s a choose-your-own-adventure answer to the questions, Who am I? Why am I here? and What does it all mean?
  • It’s whatever it needs to be in the moment you encounter it.