the Cosmology

It's All Synchronicity

And We Are All Living Masters


Yes, but what does that mean exactly?


It means you have come to a place that will never make you or anybody else right, wrong or incomplete. A place where you are free to explore your empathy as intuitive-logic. A place where you are encouraged to meet your true reflection not with the dreaded red marker of “improvement” but with the love and compassion only Spirit has for your unique wholeness.

It means you’re being invited to see everything as an aspect of All That Is, even the bits other people label “negative” or “unaware”. Invited to know all scenarios as synchronicity, even the situations other people call “lessons” and “karma”. Invited to feel all sensations through Spirit’s eyes, even the feelings other people fight to overcome by raising their frequency.

And best of all, it means we can have the conversation nobody else is having. We can talk about what it means to walk around in the real world and see with our Divinity. We can talk about how it feels to be close to people who experience the world differently. We can even share stories about how we process information as living masters.

Am I Really A Living Master?

I Feel More Like A Work In Progress


Yes, you really are a living master.


Even if you feel like a work in progress, there is a way to understand yourself, your life, your family and your frustrations as part and parcel of your living master self. No, you don’t have to heal, clear or learn anything in order for this to be true. Quite the opposite.

Being a living master is about self-acceptance. I know you’ve heard this before and it’s turned into a process of “becoming”. I can’t change what you have already encountered (nor would I want to). All I can do is introduce you to a way of being in the world but not of the world, a way of recognising everything you do-feel-see as sacred.

Being a living master is not about converting to a new philosophy. It is natural to assume this kind of experience requires you to swap your current ideas for new ones, or to somehow supplement what you’re doing with new rituals. Heart Alchemy is not about changing you. It’s about making you the expert of who you are, why you’re here, and what it all means. After all, nobody else takes responsibility for who you are except you!

So What Is A Cosmology?

And Why Don't You Just Say Philosophy?


A new cosmology is a new way of understanding everything.


Whereas a new philosophy operates within a cosmology. So for example, when the world was flat, our physics was founded on that “fact” until the world was round, then our facts changed. When our facts change our cosmology changes. In other words, we change the way we looked at life, the universe and everything.

Heart Alchemy is a new cosmology. It doesn’t simply add some great ideas to the mix, it allows us to see everything from another perspective. It’s like walking into an unknown culture and trying to figure out what’s going on. Nothing means the same thing as it does at home, and even who you are is meaningful in a new way in this unfamiliar place.

I guess you could look at it like a new physics, except even the notion of “physics” cannot be translated from the language you know into the language of Heart Alchemy. There is simply no equivalent for some ideas. Another major point of difference, is that instead of asking you to change the facts of life, Heart Alchemy asks you to

Where Are The Guidelines & Processes?

There Is Only What Is


Unless you have another way.


Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) Heart Alchemy does not teach you anything. Heart Alchemy does not tell you how to think or decode what kind of person you are. Heart Alchemy does not try to fix, change or heal you because this is not about exchange in separation.

Heart Alchemy is a conversation with the cosmos where reality is a conversation. Life as a conversation is a full-time experience of synchronicity, whereas in the Newtonian world of cause-and-effect, life is a full-time experience of “exchange” and evolution. So what?

Life as synchronicity is a now process. Whereas life as cause-and-effect is a direct linear polarity-conscious dualism focused on what you think/believe needs to happen before you can accept yourself and be present to this moment while trying to control the conditions of your experience. In option one you trust your living master self as Spirit manifest, and in option two you don’t trust anything unless it appears as you expect. So what?

What Are The Benefits?

No Polarities. No Pathology. No Problems.


Wherever you are is perfect.


This is not the same as saying “get over it; you created this problem therefore you can fix it by pretending you’re okay with it”. In Heart Alchemy, claiming wherever you are is perfect is more about inviting you to play with the idea that whoever you are is on purpose. When you’re entertaining the idea that who you are is on purpose, where you are is allowed to be significant in a new way.

Language is important. If you’re using metaphoric language to navigate a linear reality there is bound to be a point of confusion or unmet expectation. That’s okay. In fact, you’re doing whatever you’re doing for a reason. And in Heart Alchemy that reason is made visible when we ask “what is sacred about [fill in the blank]?”

When you trust yourself and everything is sacred wherever you are is perfect. Not idyllic or resonating at a perfect frequency. Just perfect for your purpose, the purpose of being you (since who you are is on purpose). Which can feel a little circuitous until you’ve had an experience of life without tests, to-do lists or lessons.

Separation In The Modern World

Ancient Wisdoms & The Physics Of Oneness


Oneness Without Borders, Enemies or Judgement.


Ancient cultures did not separate their wisdoms into fields of expertise. Only since the Enlightenment have we sought to draw lines between medicine and purpose, love and logic. Although we are never truly able to make visible all that is, we are capable of knowing ourselves and the world through Spirit’s eyes. This is the central focus of Heart Alchemy – to see the sacred wherever life finds us.

In oneness there is no “connection” to be established, or “potential” to be realised, for there is only one field and we are already on purpose. I realise these ideas will take some getting used to. We are more familiar with the language of exchange, with the idea that we need to protect ourselves from “outside” forces, with the idea that God is “inside” us, and that we can somehow “share” the divine light in us by being “better” people.

Our pre-conceptions are generally invisible. Heart Alchemy as a process seeks to make visible that which is – pre-conceptions, judgements, biases, everything. As we reveal what is invisible, aspects such as identity, health, relationships, ideals, social systems and consciousness, change their significance. By altering the significance of what’s going on – from a “problem-solution” paradigm to the language of the sacred – we have begun to “see” what is through Spirit’s eyes.