Heart Alchemy provides compassionate, self-directed,
wholistic and fun alternatives to the problem-solution approach for an experience of the personal, professional and spiritual world as one.

This is your space to come in close with your own guidance about what’s going on in a practically intuitive way. This virtual circle is not a how-to guide that tells you what you’re doing wrong (or right). It’s a place to talk about specific situations you’re facing.

You are a spiritually intuitive person. You love prayer, meditation or Qi Gong and you want to demonstrate the wisdom and reverence of these practices in the way you raise your children, but sometimes it feels as if your centredness waivers dealing with parenting situations that no guidebook talks about. It’s as if there’s yet to be written a spiritual perspective that takes into consideration the reality of who you are, what you’ve got, and where you live.

Our first group call will take place 1st September, 2016


Sign up before the launch date and pay $160 per year.

Sign up after the launch date and pay $39 per month or $396 per year.

Dive into webinars, video material, online group discussions, processes, and practices made especially for you to explore what is true for you while simultaneously being acknowledged as a gift, in this world-first conceptual universe one field physics approach to what the masters call wu-wei. No more striving, stressing or starting over required.

Heart Alchemy is about seeking to understand without attachment to answers or results. It is a non-denominational, culturally diverse, idiosyncratic cosmology inviting the purpose of this moment to reveal itself without judgement or bias. Based on an innate trust in all that is, Heart Alchemy reveres your experience from a dynamic perspective where no-one is right, wrong or incomplete so we can focus on what’s really going on without exceptions.


Heart Alchemy launches 14 November 2016


Yet to be determined.

We all have our own picture of what a Living Master should look like. Calm, gentle, wise and humble perhaps? All those above the temptation and drama of daily life, guiding us to live the middle way, right? Except what if being a Living Master was who we are now, and the only difference was an ability to explain and experience our wholeness as sacred?

If angels love us unconditionally, not out of pity or a desire for us to do better, but because whoever we are is already on purpose, then let’s play as Living Masters do in the alchemy of all that is.

What would today have been like if you knew you were a Living Master? Sign up for the pre-launch giveaway and find out!

The Living Master Equation launches 1 January 2017



Yet to be determined.