The Oneness Experience

by | Sibella

Most of us know about Ascended Masters. Legendary figures like Kuan Shih Yin tirelessly serving humanity. So when Archangel Michael first suggested I call myself a Living Master, I thought he was a bit loopy. Until I remembered, we are all living masters.

As far back as memory serves, the world has been a playground of energy. No doors. No separation. Whenever I faced something perplexing, a calm and inclusive version of truth moved itself into view. The only time this clarity failed to automate, was around people.

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You see, so much that came naturally to those around me was an effort to learn, and for the longest time I didn’t know how to appreciate what was powerful about being me. I was, however, like most of us, well aware of what I couldn’t do.

> I couldn’t put protective shields around myself to keep out other people’s feelings, thoughts and often horrific memories,

> I couldn’t tell when someone was lying to me, and

> I couldn’t hold a so-called everyday conversation.

As you can imagine this made for some interesting interactions, especially with people convinced spirituality was separate from ‘real world’ issues like paying the bills and politics.

The thing is, I wanted to learn. I looked for ways to be a good and wise person, but each time I pursued a social ideal, or a field of study, there was always a ‘problem’ to be ‘solved’, and despite having no reason to, I trusted there was a way to know ourselves and each other without judgement. It was as if something powerful compelled me to seek another way; a way that didn’t make anyone right, wrong or incomplete; a way to see everyone and everything with compassion – even those demonised by change-makers. I didn’t know it at the time but I was talking about oneness.

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For me oneness is an experience, not a philosophy. The best way to describe it is to imagine yourself in a full-immersion video game where instead of people and places having labels, you see through Spirit’s eyes; you trust everyone is equal and essential (no exceptions). And whenever you have a ‘reaction’ to someone or something, the truth about how this moment is sacred is revealed to you. This way, all your reactions are an embodiment of your purpose. So rather than an experience being a sign that you need to change who you are, it’s an invitation for unconditional self-acceptance. This is the oneness experience.

When I understood why my life never made sense from the paradigm of duality and separation, I recognised what is powerful about being me i.e. I experience everything as my conversation with the cosmos – an exploration of this moment without blame, shame or control. And only when I accepted that the way I am is what I am being asked to do, did I truly surrender to being a Living Master present to the Oneness Experience.

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