Translating the Drama Into Dharma

by | Sibella

We know in our heart of hearts that it’s all synchronicity.

That we can trust everything is being taken care of by wiser forces than ourselves.
And yet, we seem to get dragged down the rabbit hole of panic and uncertainty.

Unsettled by the world in crisis.
Anxious to protect and provide for those we love.
Incensed about bullying, greed, war and prejudice…
it’s easy to see where panic and uncertainty get their hooks in.

But we’re smarter than this. We know that our part on this planet – individual and species – is empowered by being in the energetic of love (not anger and despair). For example, we know that our own health is inseparable from the wellbeing of all that is; and that panic does not help. Nor does panic allow for inspirational insight. In order for consciousness to feed us the ideas that ultimately make a difference, we need a mindful, open-hearted state of being.

As I pondered this in surrender, I realised a few things.
I realised that when we divide the one into two, we recognise some synchronicity but not all synchronicity. That when we separate from god, we trust some wisdom but not all that is.


Tweet: When we categorise, we allow panic and uncertainty oppose our efforts. By remaining empty, we allow guidance to flesh out our now.“When we categorise, we allow panic and uncertainty to oppose our efforts in the world. By remaining empty, we allow guidance to flesh out our now.”


You see, panic and uncertainty do not have to be our downfall.
In surrender, every experience is met with a question: “what is my purpose in this moment?” From this zero point awareness where no judgement has been made, we are capable of seeing ‘what is’ through Spirit’s eyes. But before this can be an everyday experience, all of the assumptions we have made need to be translated from drama into Dharma.

In other words, all the ways we meet the moment as a ‘problem to solve’, need to be translated into an ‘experience of Spirit’. This might sound impossible at first. After all, how can we meet an argument as an experience of Spirit? They just don’t match up. Not until we start to practice being in zero point awareness. Then, slowly at first, the fabric of our assumptions begins to reveal how we are free to choose between an experience of the one or the two.

I know when my invisible stories began to declare themselves, it was shocking. Disappointing even, to think what I was capable of believing about the one. I asked for guidance. My angels assured me that I was exactly where I needed to be, with nothing to fix, change or heal. And so I continued revealing, continued translating drama into Dharma until even the self-assessment revealed itself to be drama I could translate into something meaningful. Something sacred. Something indivisible and inseparable from the perfection of All That Is.

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