What’s Really Going On?

by | Sibella

When something happens and I feel “threatened” or “betrayed” how do I respond? Better yet, how much control do I have over how I feel in the moment? These are the questions being asked on the planet, even by the most learned of philosophical, political and spiritual advisors. My question is this:

If I am focused on how I respond, on how I deal with fear and injustice, then I have already decided there is a problem to solve. I have already assumed that I know what’s really going on, and within that assumption I have made myself a victim, made someone else wrong, and made the situation unholy (out of balance or a consequence of ignorance).

Q. How do I live open to the sacredness of everyone and everything when I divide the world into good and bad? How do I accept the oneness of all that is when I see ignorance and harm? How do I allow there to be only Love when I believe our common denominator is fear?

This is not an easy question to hear. I feel safe in my dichotomies, in my accusations. I find it easier to make sense of the world with evil people in it or at least people who do evil things. It is not so easy to let all that fall away with trust that there is a reason, even when it feels unreasonable.

It is not easy to allow ‘what is’ to be sacred when I think I see violent oppression. It is not easy to be present to One Field of Love when I appear to be under threat. But love and trust and oneness is not about making life easy, it’s about love and trust and oneness!

And these things ask of me a wider lens, an unshakeable trust, and an unknowable truth. It is in my curiosity (rather than my assumptions) that I open to the possibility of seeing each person, each situation as sacred. Ii is in the energetic of present centred not-knowing, that I avail myself to the wonder of ‘what is’ (rather than narrow my focus on the problem-solution version of reality).

When I am here and now, allowed to feel, allowed to be who the alchemy of life makes me, and I take responsibility for that presence… then there is nothing else going on. I am aware of the world as a conversation with the cosmos. I am present to what it feels like as a cue to see the sacred, to get myself into a perspective where I can see their point of view. Where synchronicity is not about outcomes and wishes fulfilled, but about being present to this moment, however it looks-feels, and surrendering to the sacredness of all that is. That’s what’s really going on!

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