There is a simple way to match that feeling you’re chasing with the reality you’re already living (and it’s not the secret or the law of attraction or anything else you’ve tried so far), I promise!


Let’s cut straight to the chase – all you need is a Dynamic Vantage Point.

“Okay, great! So what the %#@& is a ‘dynamic vantage point’ and how much are you selling it for?” is most likely the first thought that pops into your mind. Which means you have already decided that you know what’s going on here – you know the players, you know the game, and all that’s left is the question of whether you can trust what’s being offered to solve your problem.

Except you don’t call it a problem. Maybe you think of it more like adding another tool to your tool box. And even that’s not quite it because you also ascribe to that old adage – if it aint broke, don’t fix it. So what are you really scanning for when you read that product description?

Somewhere in that philosophical mind of yours, you have a mix of affirmations and mantras guiding your decision to “sign up”. The psychological foundation of many modern business/self-help/trauma-healing processes are attributed to Jung, Erickson, Piaget, Watson, Skinner, Pavlov, Bandura and even Descartes. And it is their insights that you are told you use everyday to work out whether this product is right for you. But that’s not strictly true.

Ask yourself, “why does it matter which direction I take, who I trust, or where I end up? And ultimately, to whom does it matter most?” These are the questions at the heart of our decision-making process, the questions that make visible all that we have made invisible about what’s really going on when we’re working to create the conditions that make us feel (fill in the blank).

Let me ask you another question.

Do you think God/Spirit/Universal Truth sees your choices the way you do – as opportunities to either flourish or fail? Do you believe it’s possible to be judged wanting in the eyes of unconditional love, love that guides your guardian angels for example?

If you answered “no”, then I want you to imagine a life, your life, lived through that very same unconditional love. This, my friends, is your dynamic vantage point! It’s the ever-shifting now grounded in an unshakeable trust that you are a gift no matter what. No matter what you wish you were feeling, and don’t. No matter what you thought was happening, and isn’t. No matter who you believe would help, and won’t… you are unconditional love.

From a dynamic vantage point there are no ordinary moments, you know everything is in a constant state of change, and you recognise the significance of what you’re feeling-seeing in an open-hearted, interconnected way. Perhaps this feels like a fit to your current philosophy of life. If so, then how is it that you point to some choices as life-changing, almost as if they were responsible for everything that came thereafter?

If every moment is significant and we are nought but shifting energy, then why do you get so attached to the ‘rightness’ of some choices but not others? Where do you think you got the idea that only some decisions need to be intuitive while others can be, well, not?

And while we’re pondering the question, we might as well ask ourselves, “if only a percentage of my decision-making process is intuitively guided, then what am I doing the rest of the time?”

I’m being practical; Living in the real world; Getting things done, you might reply.

Right. Okay. And what does that have to do with the reason you’re here on this planet right now being who you are? I mean, if your one focus is the harmony of all things aligned with love, then how is anything that happens in your life beyond the realm of intuitive guidance? Surely it’s all one conversation!

And if it’s all just one conversation, then when you seek to understand the nature of love in this ever-changing now, you are being practical and getting things done in the real world. It doesn’t get any more real, folks!

To learn more about living from a Dynamic Vantage Point, check out the Living Master Series. It’s free : )