I Know It’s Crisis Point, But What’s Really Going On?

by | Artinzene

I remember when we used to call them ‘ascension symptoms’ – tiredness, achy-bones, bouts of fever and forgetting the car keys. Then it was more than just our bodies. 

We started noticing emotional chaos and relationship discord. Jobs and money started behaving differently in our lives. The way we felt about food and other people changed so dramatically that we could barely tolerate being around anyone who thought one degree differently to ourselves.

Nowadays it’s reaching crisis point more and more often with greater intensity than ever before. Naturally, we want to know what’s happening. We want to understand the origin of all this stress and overwhelm, so we seek the cure for our uncertainty and sensitivity to …well, just about everything!

Here’s the thing – how we talk about this stuff is not just important, it’s crucial.

When you approach a situation and label it a ‘problem’, you saturate the reality of that moment with opposition and there is no room for anything else to exist in that space.

When you approach a situation and allow it to guide you, the reality of that moment is founded in trust and there is room for anything to be sacred in that space.

This is not a simple flick of the switch. We have ingrained the way we approach life into the very fabric of our reality and left little room for anything else to be true. But if you are here, reading this, feeling pulled to explore what it would mean to be open to the sacred – then chances are it is time for something else.

The question is, do you want to keep the system you’ve got, or are you ready for something else?

  1. I want to keep the system I’ve got and find the solution so I can live my everyday without the problem of turmoil, upset, sensitivity, uncertainty, stress, arguments, etc.
  2. I’m ready to try something else and find new ways to navigate what’s going on, so that instead of seeing ‘problems’ I understand everything is intuitive-guidance!

There is no right way. Whatever your gut tells you is perfect. After all, the only person who has to live with the approach you take is YOU!

Louise Moriarty and myself have been working together guided by Spirit to bring about something special. More than just another way to ‘help’ you understand and manage your ‘problems’, we have created an experience that allows you to see through Spirit’s eyes, no matter what!