“Hallelujah! Finally someone is talking about Oneness as an experience rather than as an outcome. Let’s have that conversation!”

How many times have we heard people claim they’re all about oneness and then start preaching how we “should” be different because we’re out of resonance?
How many times have we been told that we need to “connect” and get into “alignment” with our purpose?
When we experience oneness
We’re already inter-connected and on purpose. All this fixing, changing, balancing, healing, wanting, waiting, fighting and freeing out just more of the same – spirituality in separation.
It doesn’t have to be this way. We really can see life through Spirit’s eyes and have an experience of Oneness in the NOW!
I know it seems insane that such a simple idea could be re-storied into this complex set of rules and regulations around what it means to be “good” or “evolved”. And I know it feels like we’re getting it “wrong” when we realise we’ve been trying to do something that doesn’t need us to do anything.
That’s why I created this site. To have a conversation about life as synchronicity… not just when it looks like it’s working, but no matter what!
This is the story of Earth Oneness. One that sees synchronicity in everything – no matter what – and allows us to trust the interconnectedness of all things, everyday.
This is the story that explains everything and everyone as Divine, no matter what. One that does not divide people into camps of “good-and-bad” or “enlightened-and-asleep” or “on purpose-and-off track”. It’s called Heart Alchemy. It’s what I do-feel-see, and I’d love to share it with you?