Your Oracle

Perfection is the mystery; the arrangement of All That Is, including who we are, what we want, and how we show up.

All our wondering and wanting is an equal and essential part of God’s experience. Another way of looking at it, is to remember that we may choose our topics but not our stories. For example, we may choose the theme of love but our exploration of that theme may not add up to a loving experience, or at least not our preconceptions of what a loving experience should look like.


Much maligned and yet perfection is ‘what is,’ not what could be – so what? What happens for you when you hear the word? Are you ready for an allowing experience of the mystery, or do you want something to aim for, something to build, something to perfect?

Your Exploration

If we truly believe that love is, then that is ‘what is’.
However it looks, whatever seems to be going on, love is. What happens for you as you ponder this? What truths come to object? What situations feel like exceptions? Be present to your exploration of perfection.

Then, as you come back to acceptance of the mystery, exhale and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. Cry, rage, stillness. It’s all important, all relevant to your now moment. I did not make you react in this way. It is the wholeness of you that responds and allows. It is the divine at the centre of all that you are (and all that you are not).

Be present to your divinity, and to the perfection of All That Is.

Remember, we are all living masters: already awake, interconnected and on purpose!