The Living Master Project
is a non-denominational
initiative for Global Oneness.

Through unconditional self-love and empowered presence, this initiative supports YOUR process of self-acceptance.

The Living Master Project makes visible all the ways you are already on purpose by first posing a series of questions about what is true for you, then exploring your experience of those questions.

Without looking for answers or telling you what to think, or do, or change – the Living Master Project is your invitation to experience the sacred in everything.



You can begin this process simply by posing the questions:

arrow-rightWhat needs to happen before I can say the words – “I Am a Living Master!” (and mean it with all your heart and no exceptions or qualifiers)?

arrow-rightWhat needs to happen before I trust that I Am tuned to the sacredness of every moment everyday, no matter what?

arrow-rightWhat needs to happen before I trust every person and every situation in my life is here as Spirit manifest?

arrow-rightWhat needs to happen before I stop feeling like a work in progress and start seeing myself as a gift?

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shutterstock_lady in medieval gown reading a book Atelier SommerlandThese are the questions a Living Master poses.

Not every Living Master will have the same experience when a question is posed.
This is not about converting everyone to a single belief system.
This is about being reminded that you are already on purpose!

No matter which modality or belief system you work with, when you pose the question, YOUR truth becomes visible. And it’s in your visible truth that you experience self-acceptance in the NOW rather than as an outcome or projected self-worth in some future accomplishment. Your visible truth has no reason, report card or to-do list. Your visible truth knows exactly what’s really going on.


When you see yourself, not as positive and negative, but in a spectrum – your truth becomes visible. 

When your truth becomes visible and you see what is without judgement – your truth is empowering!


Stand at the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, “I Am a Living Master” and without seeking an answer, open to what happens for you…

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