If we want this planet to come together
and function differently, we need three things:
(1) Another way to understand what’s going on.
(2) Another way to make sense of each other’s choices.
(3) Another way to understand thyself.

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Where to surrender, and when to stand our ground

No-one can tell us what to want more of or when to change focus. We do these things based on the alchemy of who we are. And who we are, is an interconnected matrix of All That Is.

It’s tempting to think of ourselves as separate fields of energy but if you’re here, reading this, then somewhere you feel the pull to an alternative theory. Somewhere your truth is making visible another explanation. One that allows for a single field.

A single field is simultaneously the I and the I Am, whereas a multi-field is in separation. A multi-field requires you to be a fixed identity separate from “other” people; “physical” separate from “consciousness”; layers and dimensions breaking up reality into separate spaces with different rules and various intentions.

A multi-field is where you “learn lessons” and work toward a “positive outcome” as part of your life purpose. It is a constant becoming.

A single field is where you remain present to this moment and trust all is on purpose. It is a now process, an experience of now. Not a way to have a “better” now, or a commitment to “teaching/learning” the now process. In a single field, there is no inside-outside, no good-bad, no better-worse. There is simply what is.


What does this have to do with making sense of each other’s choices? 


Everything! Imagine there is a truffle and an egg in a glass jar. When the egg is flavoured by the truffle, whose fault is it?

Is it the egg’s fault for being porous, or the truffle’s fault for being effusive? Or is there another way to understand what’s going on? An alternative to the “exchange” of cause-and-effect?

How we make sense of each other’s choices, like in the truffle and egg story, is all in the way we understand cause-and-effect. When we see it is the egg’s nature to be porous, and it is in the truffle’s nature to be effusive – then it is no-one’s “fault” that the egg has a hint of truffle flavour.

. . .

This is the part of the conversation that highlights how Oneness the outcome is not even in the same reality as Oneness the experience. For it is one thing to ask yourself: “When there is no before-during-after, and everything that occurs is an invitation… who will I be then?” And quite another to apply your insights to everyone.


Whatever comes up for you is sacred.
How can you understand your reaction as Spirit pulling you to Oneness? Can you imagine the Divine is inviting you to live as an open heart with full focus on this moment no matter what?

Each one of us is a matrix of energies that rely on a complex interconnectedness. When we keep this in mind as we cast our gaze across the planet, then we begin to open our hearts. By opening ourselves to the idea that we are all Spirit manifest, then instead of making accusations, we have the freedom to seek to understand one another’s alchemy.

Photo on 10-11-2014 at 5.17 pm #2There is a lot to re-consider when we open our hearts. It is not something we do once, and then move on. Being Oneness is a now process, it is a living wisdom that allows us to know for sure that whatever else might be going on, there is a way to make sense of other people’s choices from Spirit’s perspective…