If we want this planet to come together
and function differently, we need three things:
(1) Another way to understand what’s going on.
(2) Another way to make sense of each other’s choices.
(3) Another way to understand thyself.

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You are a gift. And this conversation we call life, is an invitation to be who you are (you are a gift).

If you choose to do that in separation, say as a muse for change, a separate piece of what might be if you get it right, (and what might not be if you don’t get it right) – then that is what this moment will be for you. Either way, Spirit loves all of who you are as itself. In other words, Spirit loves you because you are Spirit – no exceptions!

Everything is Sacred. Nothing is separate or outside of sacredness. This is the truth about Oneness. We are already interconnected and on purpose. More than potential, more than vessels for the sacred to shine through, we are all Spirit manifest. Improvised reconfigurations of all that is, we are but dancing leaves in an autumn breeze changed by the light in the eyes of passersby, but never actually anything except this moment as Spirit manifest.

And when we trust that our way of showing up is perfect for our purpose in this moment, we embrace “what is” without knowing the rules of engagement.  Surrender to “being” – that is all there is to living wisdom. Then we make it so complicated… for a reason.

There is a type of certainty and control available in separation.
There is a way of labelling everything, of having an Archimedean point from whence all of our choices, feelings and reflections can make sense that’s only available in separation. In Oneness, there is nothing so constant and without bias.

In Oneness the I and the I Am are simultaneous. 
This in and of itself is difficult enough to comprehend as a concept, let alone as a lived experience. With Heart Alchemy there is no expectation of you to see the world from this place. And there is certainly no ideal being created for you to work toward. We are simply having the conversation that’s never been had.

This conversation about life the universe and everything is not designed to make you feel bad. Heart Alchemy will never make you right, wrong or incomplete. It’s only concern is with the lived experience of knowing yourself (with or without judgement).

This philosophical banter about the Oneness experience is not an attack on separation.
You are a gift, no exception. Heart Alchemy does not have a hierarchy of beliefs that you can attach your identity to and get extra points for “doing it right”…

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