If we want this planet to come together
and function differently, we need three things:
(1) Another way to understand what’s going on.
(2) Another way to make sense of each other’s choices.
(3) Another way to understand thyself.

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frontisJohn Keats died at age 25 believing he was a failure. Is it fate that allows us to remain blind to our brilliance? Do we have room to play in our experience? Or is there something else going on? In other words, do you believe who you are is something you must attain, something that can be sculpted from the uncouth version you’re now embodying, OR are you perfect for your purpose?

No-one can give us permission to be who we came here to be. Life is the living we do in the moment. Not the plans that we make. Not the money we make or the credit we take for being some combination of fabulous-and-flawed. And if we believe Oneness is effortless, then what is it we truly seek when we make Oneness an outcome instead of an experience?

Is it that we are so used to finding solutions to our problems that when something comes along inviting us to be present on purpose as an act in itself, rather than a goal or lesson, we are lost as to how that might work? Is it that we are so used to manipulating the pieces on the chess board of life that when a new way allows us to know thyself as Spirit manifest in the now, we are uncertain if we trust the universe enough to see who we are as part of the plan?

I am of the belief that the truth is empowering. So whatever your answer to the question of why we’re so suspicious of Oneness and unwilling to trust that we are Spirit manifest, my version of that story will always make visible where you are already on purpose. This is Heart Alchemy, and I am grateful to be it’s scribe-oracle-soundsorceress; to offer another way to understand the self.

logo in zenOneness is a cosmology we haven’t even truly begun to recognise. And understandably so, since it requires us to commit to trusting ourselves as Spirit manifest. Something that brings with it a certain amount of yelling, shock, repulsion and panic at the prospect of being perfect for our purpose. Something we cannot fathom from a paradigm of separation.

Separation asks us to operate as separate fields of energy. It asks us to inter-act rather than to acknowledge the alchemy of all that is. And it tells us we must change the self, the world, and everything in between according to what we understand. But what is it that we understand?

From separation, we are interpreting life with the vocabulary of exchange. From separation, we speak to the universal expectations driving us all to some better future potential. And yet we return to the principles of Oneness to keep us going (because it’s such hard work being “good” and having a “positive impact” over and over and over again).

Perhaps to feel or read or ingest “what is” through the filter of our own uniqueness is too unfamiliar right now. Don’t rush it. Be gentle with yourself. You are the expert of your truth and no-one can take that away from you.

For how it feels and what it seems is enough, if it is enough. This is not an attempt to be clever or cryptic. It is the difference between asking the question because we entertain the possibility of a reason or purpose we can’t yet see, and alternatively asking the question because we believe we know better, that something has gone terribly wrong.

Whether the words on a page spark you into rage or contemplation, remember that you are the only one being Spirit manifest in the way you’re doing it. Ponder the possibility that you could know yourself without blame, shame or control…