Agitation is Perfect

Your Oracle

Agitation is not what it seems.
I can’t remember the first time it occurred to me that emotion-thought-desire are not problems to solve or signals to decipher on the way to something better, but I know that I prefer the insightful-pain of trust to the problematic-pain of believing there is something wrong with me. I know there is room for experiences of any truth, however fleeting as long as I honour my now process.

Agitation is Perfect

Means more than finding the silver lining or looking for a thread between ‘agitation’ and a better outcome. It means that agitation is itself God’s breath i.e., insight is in everything we experience. The question is, can we see it? Or perhaps, more precisely, do we think we know better than All That Is?

Your Exploration

I know it sounds crazy, to be present no matter what.
I know we are more inclined to go for higher vibrations and better feeling thoughts about ourselves and the world. And that may well be true for you. But just for the sake of exploration, what would happen if you allowed one day, one hour, one moment, to be without trying to make it something else?

What would happen for you if you allowed the mystery to rule your life?

This is not a surrender in the sense of letting go of any desire to be who you are. It’s the surrender experience! An everyday allowing of ‘what is’ that you trust enough to experience as it comes, all of it.

Allowing the pain, doubt, wonder and regret of life to flow freely without catching onto analysis and judgement. Allowing joy for no perceptible reason, and the impulse to sing or move without an end in sight – that is, not singing to improve your mood or bring in healing, but because it hits you to make noise in this moment unattached to any need to fix, change or heal.

What happens for you if for just one day you don’t need a reason to be free?

Remember, we are all living masters: already awake, interconnected and on purpose!