Trust Is A Verb

by | Sibella

Of all the things I could write about, what I really want to share is that it isn’t easy.

Yes, it’s divine and meaningful but it isn’t easy recognising, acknowledging and accepting my uniqueness over and over day after day.
…but then we’re not motivated by “easy”.

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The truth is, through all the things life has invited me to experience, all the perceived loss, pain and uncertainty, I trust there is a reason. Even in the most unreasonable situations when I have no answers, in depression or feeling abandoned, there is an intuitive-logic reminding me that what I feel-see-desire is not what it seems. But trust does not make me invulnerable, it simply gives me the means to be present without judgement, duality or expectation.

> When everyone else believes emotions are indications there is something wrong, when everyone else explains the outer as a reflection of an inner world, and I am the only one that sees it differently;
> When there is no-one else to turn to for faith in my intuitive-logic, I have to believe in myself or else reject my divinity. It’s that simple.

I can’t explain why I trust every moment so strongly. There’s no proof in Heart Alchemy. I just know that anytime I reject my intuitive-logic in favour of the status quo, my entire being screams blue murder. This is my guide, and it keeps me in a constant state of surrender. Not because it’s easy, but because I can’t ignore my truth.



You see, I feel anger and frustration like everyone does, I just don’t translate it in the same way.
For me anger is not a negative frequency, frustration is not a problem to be solved, and there is no line separating the inner from the outer world. In Oneness we are all living masters, we are already on purpose, and life is a conversation. In Oneness feeling anger is an expression of All That Is, a divine and meaningful experience to be with in surrender to living wisdom. It cannot be judged, healed or avoided. If it is, it is for a reason. This is the choice I make in every moment, to trust what is.

Even if it looks like I am the only one translating my experiences in this way, even if it feels like I can’t explain it to those in duality or that I can’t be what other people want of me, I must not only choose to trust my purpose in surrender, I must also be the one holding faith in the choices I make and remake in every moment.

I trust we are all living masters. What does your faith ask you to trust, no matter what it looks-feels like? Where do you surrender to your living master self?

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