Already Awake!

by | Sibella

I have over a dozen websites, six podcast channels, three online courses, several memberships, mentorships and private sessions to manage. Some days I wake up unsure what to do first, so that’s where I start – surrendered to uncertainty.

Not knowing is my favourite place to be.
It’s bright and beautiful and full of surprises.
It’s where my clients wish they could live, and it’s why I do what I do.

Not knowing is the place where anything is possible.
It’s the universal soup before we’ve put in an order for what we consider to be heaven on Earth, and it’s much more fun when we allow it to reveal itself rather than believing we need to pick up a paintbrush.

The beauty of not knowing is in the here and now.
If we allow it to simply be, it illuminates itself as magical.
Rather than mapping out the world between where I am and where I’m going, there is a full-time reverence for what is.
This is where I live.

I realise it may not reflect the picture of flow and fortune many people have come to expect of being present, but I’d take a life lived in the wonder of not knowing over the struggle to become, learn, solve, heal or create something that’s not here yet, any day!

It breaks my heart to see how much of my client’s lives are lived believing they are yet to achieve what they’re here to do. So much time and energy dedicated to who they’re yet to become – wiser, thinner, wealthier, more balanced, better time-managed, higher vibrations. What happens when we simply stand in this place and accept ourselves as sacred?

What happens when we start with what we’ve got rather than what we’re yet to acquire, and trust that focusing on this point, on this place – not as a problem to solve but as a meaningful, interconnected moment where we are Spirit manifest – open to all that is, is all that is required of us? That our one obligation is to be who we are (not who we think we could be if we changed enough about ourselves to match our ideals).

What happens when we accept and acknowledge the now process, not as a means to a better end, but as a sacred ceremony eternally present to ‘what is’ in surrender to not knowing?

It’s the same thing that happens when a child is told they are loveable for being who they are. It’s the same thing that happens when someone sees our uniqueness as beautiful. It’s the same thing that happens when angels speak – we realise it’s all synchronicity, it’s all flow, it’s all divine timing, we’re already on purpose, we’re already interconnected and we’re already awake!

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