We Are All Living Masters … Even the Late and Lazy

by | Sibella

It’s late October, already. My Sibella magazine article is overdue and I haven’t been struck by any inspiration to scribe. As you might have guessed from my writings so far, the whole “personal challenge” model of storytelling is quite foreign to me. Not having a problem-solution matrix running in the background, I dance to a different beat.

Which means I don’t wake up in the morning and tell the universe what I’m going to do today. I don’t make demands upon the world called my business plan, pushing pieces of the puzzle around, creating deadlines to fit into my picture of highest good. Believing I’m in charge and I have control over what is, just isn’t the way the world works for me. And sometimes that means I look late.

I look like I didn’t show up or I appear to be distracted, but that’s only true for those who don’t seek to understand the wholeness of now with innate trust and curious compassion (which is fine too, for there’s no judgement that we “should” be anything or anyone other than who and what we are). When I look at the world, when I see those same late and distracted people, those same acts we have been labelled rebellion or defiance or even laziness, I see something else!

Which is why people talk to me. At bus stops, in shopping aisles, at cafes. Not about the weather and who’s who, but about what they really think-feel and how it all fits together for them. Then I speak from compassionate wholeness about how the angels see them, and another truth is revealed. It’s as if they open a door to another world where who they are is told by a new story.

We haven’t changed anything. We didn’t forgive or make reasonable the things of the past or present. And we certainly didn’t manifest anything for the future or clear any karma. We simply remained present to All That Is with trust in the perfection of wholeness, and that version of events made itself visible. Which is also what I do when my article is overdue and I know I’ll look like I’m unorganised or unreliable but really I’m just following instructions from Spirit. Doing what I’m told in every moment of every day in the only way I know how – without the problem-solution preconception of things; with trust, compassion and the curiosity of not knowing. It’s my default mode. And instead of trying to make everyone like me as if I’ve figured out how to live the best life, I’m more interested in the default mode for you. Not the one you believe to be corrupted by conditioning or inhumanity but the one the angels see when you trust them enough to reveal what’s already true.

We Are All Living Masters ... Even the Late and Lazy
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